Aroma Boutique

                                           "The Iris dream is to create sensory delight through fragrance and form.
                                                                     This boutique expresses this dream."

Fragrance is life enhancing and hard not to love. IRIS, from Ripple Fragrances, the spatial fragrance initiative of the Mysore-based N R Group launches India’s first complete home fragrance boutique at Lavelle road, Bangalore. At the IRIS Aroma Boutique’ the sole focus is to provide a complete fragrant experience under one roof revolutionizing the world of Fragrances with a whiff of love.

The 'Iris Aroma Boutique' offers an exciting value proposition of both eclectic choice and affordable luxury. The merchandize includes exquisite novel fragrance delivery systems, innovative accessories & unique home décor artifacts. The boutique also offers an extensive candle range rarely seen under one roof. IRIS Aroma Boutique keeps in mind the burgeoning expectations of a woman who prides herself on having the best for her home.

Mr.Kiran Ranga, Managing Director, Ripple Fragrances says “We are proud to launch the first ever Home Fragrance Boutique in the country. Though our products are present in various retail stores in the country, this would be the first stand alone Fragrance Boutique where all IRIS Fragrance products, accessories and home decor artifacts will be made available under one roof. The IRIS Aroma Boutique is designed to provide fragrances and décor for fine living. The IRIS Aroma Boutique has an extensive aroma collection not found elsewhere in the country.”

Mr. Arjun Ranga, Partner, NR Group, says “We are glad to have launched this boutique with a prominent focus on the home fragrance segment. This is a segment which is not yet organized in India and we are pleased to be at the forefront of it. Launching the IRIS aroma boutique in the heart of Bangalore city was a long term vision for us and we believe it will help NR Group further strengthen its leadership position in the fragrance segment” With fragrances that mirror national and international trends, world-class ambience and service, Iris Boutique is sure to enthrall Bangaloreans and visitors to the city alike. Be it for a gifting option, an artifact for your home or a fragrant home, head to the IRIS Aroma Boutique at Lavelle Road to complement your lifestyle.